Two lanes for Garden Estate Rd to ease Gurgaon traffic woes

October 11th, 2006

Gurgaon, October 11: COMMUTING from Mehrauli to Gurgaon will become easier for commuters now as the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) has decided to allow traffic on both sides of the one-way road from Garden Estate.

Commuters will no longer have to come from the Sikanderpur village to enter Gurgaon while coming from Mehrauli, said S.P. Gupta Administrator, HUDA.

Commuters can now take specific roads to go to Gurgaon and Sikanderpur. This will lead to less congestion on the Sikanderpur road, added Gupta. The construction of the new road is expected to start once the Gurgaon metro route gets a nod.

The narrow passage in Sikanderpur is choc – a-block during peak hours. The waiting time to cross Sikanderpur village to reach Gurgaon is more than 20 minutes during peak hours, and at least half an hour during weekends.

To add to the chaos, shops dot the Sikanderpur passage on both sides of the road. Vehicles are parked on the main narrow stretch, further blocking the road.


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