A lesson in manners for autorickshaw drivers

November 17th, 2006

Mumbai, November 17: If you just refuse to associate autorickshaw drivers with good manners, perhaps it’s time to change that attitude. The Thane Traffic Police, in a meet cum seminar on Thursday with autorickshaw drivers, advised them to talk to their passengers politely, not indulge in fights during nights, not to charge exorbitant fares and abide by tariff cards.

The main agenda of the seminar was to make the autorickshaw drivers aware of the problems faced by the commuters in Thane. The seminar also deliberated on what the police and the RTO expect from them and vice-versa.

The meet, organised by the Thane Traffic Police, also aimed at reducing the clashes between autorickshaw drivers and the police. A Regional Traffic Officer (RTO) was also present in the meet to impart knowledge of what papers should the drivers carry with them.

“During the evenings and nights, some autorickshaw drivers refuse to take commuters to their desired destinations. And if they do, the exorbitant fares that they charge invariably result in a fight between the two. So we have asked them to understand a commuter’s problem and talk to them politely,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police, Dyaneshwar Chavan.

The auto drivers were also asked not to ferry more than three passengers in their vehicles. In parts of Thane, the share-autos carry more than four passengers. “We expect them to carry all their papers (like the driving licence and permit number) with them, so that even we don’t have problems,” said D Jadhav, Deputy Regional Traffic Officer, Thane.

The problems pertaining to the auto drivers were also discussed. Thane has more than 15,000 autos and more than half of them run on CNG. The auto drivers demanded an increase in the number of CNG pumps. At present, there are only three CNG pumps in Thane.

There is a need for more autorickshaw stands, but Thane Municipal Corporation has not been able to increase their numbers. This results in drivers parking their autos at junctions which leads to traffic jams.

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