Maha wants ban on bike racing scenes in films

January 11th, 2007

Mumbai: Jolted by the spate of accidents caused by youth emulating their screen heroes, the state transport department will soon write to the film censor board to ban bike racing scenes from Bollywood movies.

State transport commissioner S D Shinde said, “Smoking, which was quite the done thing in films earlier, has been banned on health grounds. Similarly, I want bike and car racing to be banned in movies since young people try to ape the stunts of the actors. We will be sending a proposal to the censor board in the next three days.” He added that he had seen many such accidents in the past few days and that “it appears that the bikers have been influenced by films like Dhoom’’.

The transport department has observed that about 85% of road accidents take place due to the driver’s fault and
70% of two-wheeler mishaps take place because of speeding. The proposal is being sent in the wake of the central government’s road safety week held from January 1 to 8.

Sanjay Dalvi, who directed Dhoom and Dhoom 2, said he did not want to comment on the issue. But another director said, “The transport department wants some cheap publicity and is coming up with such stupid ideas. In fact, we must ignore such suggestions. How can we sell films if they lack thrills and action scenes?’’ During the road safety week, the transport department had organised health, training and guidance camps for drivers carrying dangerous chemicals and those steering heavy vehicles.

Source: TOI(Mumbai-epaper)

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