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February 26th, 2007

GURGAON: You are not wrong if you think that heavy vehicular traffic is leading to an increasing number of traffic jams making smooth movement more difficult by the day.

Considering the rapid increase in private vehicles, both cars and two-wheelers, combined with the poor public transport system — traffic experts forecast that vehicular speed will drastically reduce and might even bring vehicular movement to a stand still by 2021.

Experts feel that the future development will be linear in nature. “Adding to the road capacity does not mean that the problem of increasing traffic will automatically be solved. Only a proper transport system can effectively deal with the problem,” said Yash Sachdeva, additional general manager (urban transport) of RITES.

He added that if the number of private vehicles continue to increase at their present rate then there is a possibility that the vehicular movement in Gurgaon might be reduced to 10 kmph.

A RITES survey in 2004 found that about 70% of households in Gurgaon have two-wheelers or cars or both. It found that Delhi-Gurgaon stretch witnessed a high percentage of vehicular traffic which constituted mostly of cars. For instance, at Sirhole border on NH 8, a total of 48% of vehicular traffic was that of cars and at Sikanderpur on MG Road it was as high as 54%.

It also found that the number of daily vehicles entering Gurgaon was more than three lakhs in 2004. The trend of opting for private transport could prove to be disastrous for the city transport system. “In 2001 people using car in Delhi was only 10-12%. But these cars used almost 90% of the total road space. Hence, in spite of flyovers and wide roads, traffic snarls remain universal,” said Sachdeva.

Source: Timesofindia

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  • 1. Pandey  |  March 25th, 2007 at 8:21 am

    In the recent past, another factor is adding to the overburdened roads of HUDA sectors.
    The parking of heavy vehicles like trucks.

    This trend is especially evident in Sector 21 and Sector 22 – truckers are using these sectors to park a large number of dumper trucks and other trucks.

    It is causing road blocks as well as security concerns for the residents. Imagine a couple of trucks parked in front of your house and being ‘guarded’ by truck drivers!

    As if we did not have road issues, already. To say that the sector roads are badly maintained would be an understatement. If we have heavy vehicles parked on them, they add to the travelling woes of the residents.

    There is an increasing tendency in our society of ‘bulldozing’. It is evident here too – try arguing with these truckers to move their trucks and you will realise how ‘tough’ they are.

    I wonder why the cops are not aware of this. Or if they are aware of it, why are they looking the other way.

    Some of these trucks are parked for months, together. Could these be stolen trucks or could these trucks be hidden because they are involved in accidents?

    These are questions, that I, as a citizen, need answers from. I hope this forum will escalate the issue to the concerned people in administration/police for some action and answers.

    Warm regard to all netizens!

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