JJ flyover to be open to traffic today

May 3rd, 2007

Mumbai: The JJ flyover is undergoing a pre-monsoon makeover. The flyover, considered a visual treat as well as an engineering marvel, was partially closed on Wednesday as a section of the roadway was resurfaced.

Officials in the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) said this section of the road was prone to flooding. “When there is heavy rain, water tends to collect on the roadway where there is an S curve and this has created potholes in the past which are difficult to fix. So we are cleaning everything up before the monsoon,’’ the official said.

“Work began early on Wednesday morning and it will be finished by late night. The roadway will be open to traffic on Thursday morning,’’ he added.

The flyover inaugurated in May 2002, was built at a cost of Rs 70 crore. It is the longest road bridge in the city, stretching across 2.4 km in one of the busiest areas of the metropolis. Potholes first began appearing on the roadway a few years back and several accidents have occurred when speeding motorists have crashed over dividers. The flyover now has large reflectors on the ground and along the walls to caution drivers as it twists and turns its way through a labyrinth of old buildings. The roadway traverses 22 small and large junctions along its path.

The resurfacing work is being done by Gammon India which had constructed the flyover with Dar Consultants UK acting as consultants. It was Dar Consultants which suggested an innovative design for the flyover, an elevated viaduct on a single pier that would not cut into the road width underneath the flyover, providing enough space for traffic lanes and parking spaces.

Source : TOI (epaper)

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