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ITN (Indian Traffic News) is a response to the steep rise in the vehicle/automobile related problems, traffic related problems, upcoming projects on road safety, driving schools etc. Past two and a half decades have seen a tremendous zeal in the Indians in getting their number of vehicles multiply by folds, as getting the “numbers” seems to inculcate the aura of belonging to the A category. This no doubt has led to the improvement in the living standard of the people of India.

But, at the same time, numerous problems have crept up, and ITN is devoted to bring to you the accumulated news al across the Indian Sub-Continent related to Road Safety and Traffic. Virtually every problem can be traced to the way the city is run by its politicians and administrators. Therefore, it is the city’s governance that must change. Although several Laws, Acts, Rules & Regulations have been enacted to keep the things in order and the public has been receiving empty accolades but society as a whole needs to be more conversant with them and its approach to all these issues needs to be conceptual. Thus, ITN tries to bring people together to bring that about in the “common” podium where they can read and co-relate where they are heading to.

Although ITN came into being as recently as 2006, it is widely known in the country and promises to do a lot to revive hopes of a better deal for citizens for India.


ITN is a voluntary movement. It is non-political and non-sectarian community trying to generate awareness related to Traffic news in the country. You are requested to inform and guide people around you to visit this site so that the society gets maximum benefit out of this website. Your Opinion about this website and your valuable Suggestions for its improvement are also Most Welcome.


ITN’s objectives and tasks require it to be cast its impression all over India, if not World Wide. The press, FM radio and television are also brought into action to inspire and direct well crafted news to the well-disposed citizens who may be potential volunteers in the cause of their neighborhood and city as well. ITN has launched a website (www.indiantrafficnews.com). This has been designed and is constantly updated with the help of InfinityeSearch.com, a major Internet Web Marketing company based in Gurgaon.


  • To promote, develop and create the awareness amongst the common people and the Automobile industry about the very latest news events and updates of the Indian Traffic.

  • Creating a public-service oriented body to liaise with the Government, police and other concerned bodies for proper administration of laws and regulations affecting the use of automobiles and traffic.

  • To educate the public in Road Safety and make them conscious of Traffic Discipline and generally helping the Law and Order machinery in enforcing traffic laws, this ensuring a SAFE INDIA, HAPPY INDIA.

Indiantrafficnews.com has launched its site under the name http://www.Indiantrafficnews.com. Indiantrafficnews is the sole owner of the brand, name and associated properties with this site. We at Indiantrafficnews.com believe that each person is entitled to timely, accurate and qualitative information and with this in mind; we are creating a well-structured and up-to-date data base and news events on Indian Road and Safety, Traffic and automobile’s industry. We wish to be a forum where relevant and accurate information on the Indian Road Safety is readily available at one place and like minded people can contribute their views, experiences to benefit other site surfers. Keeping this in mind, we are designing a set of standardized tools and ready reckoners to help and guide you. However, the information contained in this site is not to be construed as advice or tips on investment, legal or taxation matters.

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